Luisa Marcelino Principal Investigator


BS./MS., University of Lisbon, Portugal, (Plant Biotechnology and Molecular Biology)

Ph.D., University of Lisbon, Portugal (degree in absentia through Massachusetts Institute of Technology) (Molecular Biology/Genetics)

Research Interests

  • Symbiosis of coral-algae relationship
  • Physiological variation of coral tissue and algae biomass
  • Modeling of light transport in coral skeleton and coral tissue
  • Bleaching of reef-forming corals Diseases of corals


Phone: (847) 491-4035



  • CEE 361-2: Public and Environmental Health
  • CEE 361-1: Environmental Microbiology
  • CEE 361: Environmental Microbiology and Public Health

Timothy Swain


2010 Ph.D. Biology, Florida State University

2002 M.S. Biology, State University of New York at Buffalo

1998 B.S. Biology, State University of New York at Buffalo

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  • Valentina Stoyneva: MS Biomedical Engineering, 2011 Thesis entitled “Experimental techniques for measuring light amplification in corals and role of the skeleton in the modulation of their susceptibility to bleaching”.
  • Erin Daily: CBE 2008
  • Andrew Fang: CBE 2009
  • Jenny Fung: WCAS 2009
  • Hannah Wolfman: MEAS 2010
  • Arielle Berens: WCAS 2011
  • Kendra Pickard: MEAS 2011
  • Gabriela Maria Carr: WCAS4
    • Natalie Lake: MEAS 2011
    • Michael Goldberg: MEAS 2012
    • Emily DuBois: WCAS 2012
    • Elizabeth Velazquez: MEAS 2013
    • Brian Kennedy: MEAS 2011
    • Scott Jeremy Goldberg: WCAS4
    • Phillip Chandler Osborn: MEAS3
    • Paige Humecki: MEAS 2012
    • Hannah Walker Grooms: MEAS 2013
    • Kylia Alexandra Williams: WCAS 2013
    • Michelle Elizabeth Wagner: MEAS 2014
    • William Oestreich: MEAS 2014
    • Hannah Marie Ryon: WCAS2

    Vadim Backman

    Professor of Biomedical Engineering, McCormick School of Engineering, Northwestern University

    Mark Westneat

    Professor, Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy, University of Chicago

    Bernhard Riegl

    Associate Director, National Coral Reef Institute, NOVA Southeastern University

    Anderson Mayfield

    PhD, Research Fellow at Living Oceans Foundation and National Coral Reef Institute

    Andrew Baird

    Professorial Research Fellow, James Cook University, Australia

    Michael Kühl

    Professor, Department of Environmental Ecology, University of Copenhagen

    George Parsons

    Director of Fishes, Shedd Aquarium

    Jack Gilbert

    Professor, Department of Ecology & Evolution Department of Surgery and Associate Director, Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology, University of Chicago