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The main focus of my work is the study of environmental transport processes, including both hydrodynamic transport processes and reactive transport processes. A lot of this work involves sediments, including transport processes in sediment beds, the implications of physicochemical particle-particle interactions for fine sediment transport, and the role of sediments in contaminant transport. I also teach classes related to environmental fluid mechanics, transport, and modeling. My research group is applying fundamental, interdisciplinary methods to a variety of environmental problems in streams and other aquatic systems. Generally we start by examining fundamental transport processes in the laboratory, but we are also working to apply this knowledge directly to natural systems. In addition, we are applying fundamental knowledge about transport, chemical reactions, and biological processes to understand the mobility and fate of a fairly wide range of environmentally-relevant substances, including sediments, metals, and pathogens. Because this work is interdisciplinary, it is also highly collaborative and we have a number of very close working relationships with other research groups throughout the U.S. and Europe. Information on all of these topics can be found by following the links in the menu bar.

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