This Year


Congratulations to Kevin for receiving an AGU Outstanding Student Presentation Award for his lecture, "Turbulent Hyporheic Exchange in Permeable Sediments

Xioabao's editor's citation for his biomineralization paper in Applied and Environmental Microbiology


Congratulations to Minwei for his first paper as first author! (Coupled Effects of Hydrodynamics and Biogeochemistry on Zn Mobility and Speciation in Highly Contaminated Sediments)

Congratulations to Molly Baker and Kimberly Huynh for their admission to graduate school! Molly will be joining the Environmental Engineering department at Yale University. Kimberly will be joining the Environmental Engineering department at UC Berkeley.

Welcome to Liliana Hernandez-Gonzalez to the lab.


New paper by Xiaobao, Jisun, Alessandro, and Nanxi in J. Vis. Exp.

Congratulations to Kevin for being elected to the AGU Hydrology Section Student Committee


Aaron participates in a panel discussion, “Water: Chicago in the 21st Century and Beyond,” hosted by the Chicago Council on Science and Technology. (Click here for 10-min panel discussion; Click here for public presentation)

Past Stories

December, 2014

Angang, Kevin, Kimberly, and Liliana present posters at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, when they were not distracted by great sushi. (photo to come).

October, 2014

Alessandro Culotti defends his Ph.D., title here. In Alessandro will be joining NALCO (now EcoLab). Congratulations, Alessandro!

June, 2014

Congratulations to Jisun Song for completing her Ph.D.

May, 2014

Kimberly Huynh earns top honors at the Chicago Area Undergraduate Research Symposium (news article).

April, 2014

McCormick article features innovative Synthesis project linking hydrological complesity across scales (click here).

March, 2014

Alessandro Culotti and Kimberly Huynh take home top two awards in the Student and Young Professional poster competition at WATERCON 2014 (news article).

New article in Biotechnology and Bioengineering: Biofilm responses to smooth flow fields and chemical gradients in novel microfluidic flow cells (click here).

January, 2014

Congratulations to Jen Drummond for successfully defending her dissertation: Fine Particle Transport and Retention in Streams: Particulate Organic Carbon Dynamics and Pathogen Transmission.

Kevin Roche receives the CUAHSI Pathfinder fellowship. Kevin will join Tom Battin’s lab (University of Vienna) for two months to investigate how biofilm complexity controls fine particle dynamics in streams.

June, 2013

Congratulations to Antoine Aubeneau for completing his Ph.D.

March, 2013

Kevin Roche and Rachel Scholes receive the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (link to article). Rachel will be moving on to UC Berkeley to pursue a Ph.D. in environmental engineering.

December, 2012

A. Packman receives the Cole-Higgins Award for Advising Excellence (link to article).