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The BSCE program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the ABET, Inc.

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CORE COURSES (32 units)

Mathematics (4 units)
Engineering Analysis and Computer Proficiency (4 units)
Design and Communications (3 units)
Basic Engineering (5 units, must be 100% engineering topics according to McCormick partition list)
Basic Sciences: Physics, Chemistry, and 1 unit of other basic science (4 units)
Social Sciences and Humanities (7 units)
Unrestricted Electives (5 units)


Civil Engineering Core Courses (7 units)
Mathematical Techniques & Science (2 units)
Design & Synthesis (2 units)
Technical Electives (5 units)


  1. A minimum of 18 units of "Engineering Topics" (ET) and a minimum of 12 units of "Math/Science" (MTS) from 48 units are required for the BSCE degree.  Note that NOT every course from every department in McCormick is classified as an engineering topic. Please consult with your advisor and McCormick guidelines for ET and MTS partitioning of courses offered by McCormick. 
  2. The 1 unit of other basic science must be selected such that it is consistent of BSCE Program Educational Objectives.
  3. The cumulative GPA of the 16 units of Civil Engineering major courses must be 2.00 or higher.
  4. NO P/N option course is permitted among the 16 units of Civil Engineering major courses. Gen_Eng 220-1,2 which has only a P/N optional is exempted from this requirement.  Courses taken abroad for a grade, but recorded by the Northwestern University Registrar as P/N, may be exempted from this requirement.
  5. A maximum of two (2) courses among the 16 Civil Engineering major courses may have a grade of D.
  6. The only courses in the BSCE degree requirements that are eligible for P/N option are the seven (7) social science/humanities and five (5) unrestricted elective courses.  Only four (4) 100- or 200-level courses may be taken P/N to satisfy the 7-unit requirement in the social science/humanities.  Courses taken abroad for a grade, but recorded by the Northwestern University Registrar as P/N, may be exempted from this requirement.
  7. A maximum of eight (8) P/N option units are permitted among 48 units required in satisfying the graduation requirement.
  8. Only 1 unit per quarter may be taken P/N during freshman and sophomore years.
  9. A GPA of NO less than 2.0 is required for all units presented for the BSCE degree.


Registrar's Course Requirements & List
CEE Undergraduate Handbook (2012)
CEE Undergraduate Handbook (2013)

BSCE sample curriculum flow chart


Check off Sheets


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